Saturday, March 20, 2010

SXSW New Media Fashion Brunch - part DEUX

Okay so in my last post about the brunch, I did the obligatory "here-is-what-we-did-and-here-are-some-pics-to-show-you" post. Nice, but inadequate. So let's talk. Feelings about the New Media Fashion Brunch?

It was ...

Several times throughout the day I looked around and thought:
"How the hell did I get here?"
These times were likely when:

  • I found myself in a fancy private room of an even fancier downtown condo building eating a food-porn worthy brunch with a gaggle of ultra-glam femme fatales.
  • I was given free refreshments and exquisite attention at some of Austin's nicest boutiques, places I'd never even dared to step within 100 feet of before that day.
  • I sat in a swanky wine bar drinking champagne and eating chocolate strawberries au gratuit with a select group of really successful, beautiful women.

I said to someone while we were eating brunch:

"This is like a grown-up girls' tea party!"

And it was. Oh, how it was. If I had been a girlier little girl, I bet that this would have been my ultimate childhood dream.

I want to touch on a particular conversation I had with Diya while walking to the shops on South Congress. I was talking about my film aesthetic as an artist and Diya said: "You know, I can totally see that in the way you dress." And she was so right. I had just never noticed it before! I admitted how I had felt a little out of place with my kelly green vintage floral, pink plastic pig earrings, and knock-off grey Keds sneakers amidst the high heels, high glamour, and high fashion of the women around me. But Diya helped me to remember: Fashion is another form of creative expression, and its fitting that whimsy and colors just happen to be mine!

So, combined with this (rather obvious) epiphany and a boatload of advice and consultation from Indiana and the fellow fashion bloggers (thank yooou!), I think some changes will come into play:
  1. I'm considering moving all fashion related posts and daily outfits to another blogspot blog in order to narrow the focus and be more organized. I envision a blog that sort of capitalizes on the whimsical kitschy anti-fashion sort of look I wear and thus, doesn't take itself too seriously.
  2. With this new blog, I can sort of cater more to the fashion blog audience/sponsors/etc in hopes of making something really successful.
  3. I'll keep Austin Etc. around to continue to write about all the fun stuff I encounter in this amazing city and all the little quirky things about Austin I love to write about.
  4. I'm going to try and launch a personal web portfolio this summer with information about my film work and other creative ventures, staying in touch with this personal style I'm working on establishing.

Any thoughts? Ideas? Comments? Suggestions?

For those of you who DO read this, thanks for all the patience with the changes throughout the past 3 months since I've created this blog. It's a really intensive learning process that can only be mastered through experience, but I'm loving this blogging lesson every step of the way! Watch this space for any info on changes!

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  1. I like the idea! as long as you keep posting bc I enjoy reading your posts.


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