Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Overheard in Austin SXSW 3.16.2010

"There are a lot of dumb movies that are brilliant. But, uh, this wasn't one of them ..."

- Eric Tolle, film critic, during he and I's conversation about Monday's premiere of MacGruber



  1. MacGruber was funnier than Will Ferrell's entire career combined. Granted, you have to go in with low expectations, but it was still pretty cool.

    Plus, I got a mullet out of it!

  2. haha touche, touche. ;]

    For the record, I wrote this based on my own expectations. I still haven't seen it so I guess I can't reeeeeally say.

    Hmm. We'll see. I'll watch it when it comes to theatres, then I can talk, right? haha


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