Monday, March 15, 2010

SXSW New Media Fashion Brunch - part one

Kelly, Kristin and I dragged our lazy selves out of bed early on Friday morning and haphazardly found our way to the luxe condo building on Cesar Chavez where Indiana was hosting the New Media Fashion Brunch on Friday.

Not gonna lie -- I was really anxious/nervous/twitchy about going. I had creeped on almost all of the attendee's blogs and was pretty intimidated by the amount of fabulous that was about to be contained in one small room!

We spotted Indiana's bright yellow trench from afar, and knew we were at the right locale. I wish I had taken better pictures of the brunch set-up itself, for it was beautiful! The food spread was super cute. Croissants, breakfast potatoes, a snazzy fruit salad with kiwi and berries, and NUTELLA. WIN. Nutella is AWESOME when stirred into coffee, yes?

Some of us helped Indiana to set-up and we were all given really cute handmade nametags that also held business cards as well as amaZING good bags from Etsy Austin. Ooh la la, I love le craft! It was filled with some rad jewelry and little knick knacks and each one was unique.

The mingling was great to take the edge off. The girls were all really beautiful, humble, and just as fabulous as I imagine them to be (but far less intimidating!). We took some pictures and then hit the boutique crawl.

The stores were each so wonderfully decorated. They were like individual rooms in a dollhouse of glam. Most everything was out of my student price range, but there was a lot of beautiful sights to see and means of inspiration. It was great!

I feel as though this is only EXPOSITION to what I really wanted to talk about regarding the Fashion brunch, and I've already written so much! If you've read this much without getting bored, please give yourself a round of applause (or just leave a comment that says "macaroni" a la Me & You & Everyone We Know haha)

That being said, I think I'll continue my raving about the brunch in a second post to be continued tomorrow or later tonight (with pictures!)


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  1. I'm so bummed I couldn't go to this...great photos, by the way. Can't wait for the event next year!


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