Sunday, March 21, 2010

Obligatory SXSW photo post!

In the bathroom of the ACC during volunteer orientation
Michelle, Ariel, and Kelly at bag stuffing
Look at all those swag bags!
Michel Gondry in the Q&A after "The Thorn in the Heart"
Kristin while waiting for the bus, lol cupcake!!!I didn't understand why these little creatures were at the Interactive trade show, but I wanted to take them home with me. Google gave away free pie for pi day!The crew of "Jimmy Tupper vs the Goat Man"
Freaky blue thing at the trade showThe cast of "Get Low", including Bill Murray and Robert DuvallJust a teeny tiny portion of the epic American Apparel lineKAISERCARTEL <3Random bluegrass band on the corner of 6th and Congress.
Chris Masterson is the master of bass and guitar. Seriously. He was the only good part of the Bonnie Whitmore set!cute street performanceSaint MotelJames Mercer (from The Shins) played the lead in a film I saw, "Some Days are Better Than Others".Califone (including director Tim Rutili) following their live accompaniment to Rutili's film, "All My Friends Are Funeral Singers"


  1. I'd be super jealous that you met a member of the shins... but that blue furry dude might just steal my envy :)

  2. Amanda it was so cool! We were watching the movie and I whisper to my friend "I think that's the dude from The Shins ...". We couldn't really believe it at first because there wasn't this big hullabaloo about him being in it, but afterward I asked him if he was indeed who I thought he was. And he was. So then I went all fan girl on his ass and asked for a picture. Incognito indie celeb findings = win!

  3. man didn't run into you during the sxsw thing! poop.

    I saw this dress and thought of you:


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