Tuesday, March 23, 2010

10 things I love

I was tagged by Rach at Walls are Imagined, and with all the Southby frenzy I never got around to posting this! Here goes:

10 things I love (in no particular order)
  1. Reading journals from high school I did this last night in order to dig up some of my old poetry to begin reworking it. It was a bittersweet experience. Most refreshing was the ability to laugh at my old angst. Its true that everything is temporary! I also felt sort of nostalgic, especially in terms of the theatre department and the really amazing people I had met through the years of growing up in The (North Richland) Hills.
  2. Watching (and playing along) with Jeopardy This was a regular feature of my daily routine over winter break. I am very happy to say that I can hold my own in a Jeopardy tournament and will be appearing on your television set sometime in the next two decades. (That's my career plan. Make a bunch of money of Jeopardy and then live the New Media Bohemian life.)
  3. Cranberry orange scones dipped in coffee I am pleased that this one just happened to turn out to be the orange one, seeing as I color coded them after the fact. SUCCESS.
  4. Watching and creating stop-motion animation videos! HUZZAH
  5. Sleeping in braids so my hair is really wavy in the morning The lazy girl's crimping iron, and an elementary school staple.
  6. Comfortable shoes that are also cute Think what you may about Urban Outfitters, but I love buying their Keds knock-off sneakers in a variety of colors once they go on clearance for only $10 a pop. I am currently wearing my mini golf turf-green ones. They're fuzzy.
  7. Spending time with my family. I know it's super cliche, but I find myself musing wistfully everyday about how cool it would be if everyone just came and lived in Austin, or if we could all move to Florida, or maybe set up camp in Kansas City. I don't think I realized just how close I was to my parents until I got to UT and compared my relationship to those of my peers.
  9. Talking in a fake British, Australian, or Russian accent (in public of course) This happened quite often during SXSW. Michelle didn't even bat an eye at it. I think I was so enamored by all the global flare from the tourists that I wanted to get in on it. I especially loved calling people "wankers".
  10.  Clean fingernails Because I hate it so much when they are dirty.

Here's a stop motion video I found yesterday that I especially loved. It's by this artist, PES, who's pretty much the rock star of the stop-motion world right now and one of my idols and inspirations in my own  work.


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