Sunday, February 28, 2010

I must get better at this whole thing.

Consistency, that is.

I've been a bad blogger, but I'm still learning. I'm really good at collecting content every day, but I'm not so great at posting that content every day. It really makes no sense why I don't just put in the hour of work or so to compose a blog post. It must stem with my Writer's Block-inducing fears of taking words out of my head and putting them on a page! (Maybe that's why I am most productive late at night ... I'm too tired to feel inhibited.)

This was Wednesday's outfit. Wednesday was a beautiful day. No work AND no classes! All morning UT classes were pre-emptively canceled due to ice fears. HA! Wednesday was a beautiful, sunny, spring day. Oh Texas ...

I spent my free day down around 2nd street with Michelle as she applied for jobs. I visited the Cafe de Crepe (more on that later) while I waited.

Top: Savers -- $5
Belt: Birdville High School Costume Closet!
Shorts: Wal-Mart -- $12
Necklace: Hand me down?
Tights: Target -- $3 on sale!
Boots: Forever 21 -- $21.80


  1. I feel exactly the same day. I just stare at my computer thinking "what should i say". It's very difficult for me to include somewhat personal details about my life without feeling silly. I don't even update my facebook status for gosh sake. What made me think i could start a blog!

  2. Heather -- I know, right??? I really want to embrace this blogging thing whole-heartedly, but I find it a little intimidating to just LET LOOSE! I hate when bloggers don't sound like people but perfection.

    I just finished reading this article, I think you'd like it!


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