Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter Tuesday.

Here's the outfit I wore to go to Mother's (mmm) with the lovely Katy and also to spend Easter with my family in San Antonio. I played Pokemon cards for the first time in a DECADE. Also, Easter marked the end of my contact celibacy. My mom brought me more contacts so I no longer have to wear outfits that only compliment my very flamboyant purple glasses. YEAH!

  • shirt: Buffalo Exchange $10
  • skirt: Target $12
  • necklace: gift from Dayna
  • shoes: Payless $15
I might just one day migrate from my trusty fire escape stair case. But then again, I don't know. It's cozy. :]

A cute little bird necklace my sister made for me! Plus, a close up of the print on my shirt.

Here are the flats I customized when I was 15 a la Miranda July in "Me & You & Everyone We Know". They survived many years of rain storms, teen angst, and sockless days. Can't you tell?

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