Sunday, April 4, 2010

Now with bigger outfit photos!

Now that I have this spiffy new wide three column layout, I have more room to make my outfit photos a little bigger. Woo! 

Here goes it: 
Dress: Thrifttown $10
Tights: American Apparel Flea Market $5
Shoes: Target $17
Belt: Thrifttown $3.50

This is sort of an outdated outfit, back from the last day of SXSW. I'm a naughty blogger! Maybe just busy. Anyway, voila! 

What I've Been Up To/Why this Outfit Post is Ridiculously Late

- Working on applying to internships! One is to work in a contemporary art museum on the interactive program and the second is to edit footage of humanitarian aid testimonials

- SCHOOL. Cliche right? I have two tests this week (government and nutrition) and a paper about Citizen Kane and it's historical influence due 

- Creating my Humanities contract. It's this honors program at UT where you get to create your own degree, but you have to comb the course catalog, write letters of appeal, visit advisers, yadda yadda yadda.  I'm centering mine around art and culture's social and political influence.

- Having office hours/dinner with amazing professors. Laura Dixon is my young, nerdy-cool Film Narrative teacher. She and I had a long conversation about Miranda July and living in NYC and other cool things. Dr. Barbara Harlow was my Humanitarian Aid professor last semester. 2 other students and myself had dinner with Dr. Harlow on Thursday and I'm feeling really inspired to use art and media for social change. 

- Going to wicked concerts. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists and Julia Nunes. Be jealous.


  1. What a cute outfit!

    Good luck on applying for internships/tests/working on your contract this week! You busy girl!

  2. I have been trying to make my layout three columns, but I'm so lazy...great look! And good luck with everything you've got going on this week. Take care!

  3. looks like your schedule sounds as busy as mine! good luck!

    ps. you look lovely. glad to see you posting more outfits!!!

  4. Ah! Thank you for commenting! Sorry I haven't responded. I really have been busy, but this week presents a nice period of a little fun and relaxation and BLOGGING. But seriously, I love the comments. It's nice to know people are reading! c:


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