Saturday, January 23, 2010

Duct Tape Masquerade

Friday was Alejandra's 22nd Birthday Party! She cooked a delicious meal (baked chicken, stuffed tomatoes, french green beans, acorn squash risotto and a 3 tiered funfetti cake in the shape of a heart with pink strawberry icing!) for all of us and we ate, drank, and were merry. It was masquerade theme, and being a broke, crafty college kid -- I made my own mask out of a piece of cardboard, markers, a knitting needle and duct tape. It was classy. I wore my vintage green frock from Cream vintage in 2007 for the first time! I've had it for a while but never had the guts to wear it. I got a lot of compliments and had an amazing time. Afterward some of us went to Spiderhouse and played cards.

Close up of the epic eye shadow

Dress: $18 - Cream Vintage
Shoes: $25 - Delias
Necklace: Vintage from my Grandmother
Belt: Stolen from the Birdville Costume Shop!


  1. what a neat idea for a party! you are beautiful!
    i. need. those. shoes.

  2. Definitely adding you to my ATX blog list :)
    Love the dress, I recently made a purchase from Cream Vintage...take care!

  3. I absolutely love your expressions in all the pics. and you.

  4. Love your eye is epic :)


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